Faith Coaching

Our vision is to Magnify Christ and Multiply His Kingdom.  One way that we do that is through making disciples who make disciples.  A disciple is simply a follower of Jesus, so as one begins down the path of following Jesus, there is always someone who is a little further ahead of him/her and someone who may be a little behind.  The new faith coaching process is designed to serve as a simple and reproducible way for one believer to mentor or coach someone who is new in their faith.  The goal is for those who go through the process to move from being a learner, to an apprentice, to a new faith coach themselves.  
Faith Coaching is a simple process for anyone to be discipled and become a disciple-maker. New believers or those who are seeking to understand Christianity are partnered with a Faith Coach for a 10 week commitment. Coaches and learners set their own schedule on a weekly basis. Each coaching session typically lasts 45 minutes. Coaches and Learners cover the following “Essentials to Christian Living” in their times together.
These materials were written by Pastor Warren and are made available for free to anyone who would like to use them. If you are interested in serving as a “Faith Coach” or being discipled by a “Faith Coach,” please email-
Download each session and print a copy for each participant: