3 EGG-cellent Easter Egg Hunting Tips

3 EGG-cellent Easter Egg Hunting Tips

Join us April 12th at 3pm

Join us April 12th at 3pm

Since we are preparing to offer our first FREE COMMUNITY EASTER EGG HUNT to the children and families in Bellevue, I thought I would offer some helpful tips on how to prepare your child to be an EGG-CELLENT Egg Hunter!

1.  Practice, Practice, but don’t Over-Practice:  An Easter Egg Hunt can be an Egg-citing occasion for a little one, but it can also be overwhelming.  Don’t be surprised if the over-stimulation of eggs, kids, noise and movement causes your child to simply freeze up when the Egg hunting begins.  When my daughter was 2 or 3, we egg-sperienced this at one of her first egg hunts.  The hunt began, and she just stood there as the mass of kids and eggs scrambled around before her.  By the time she got her motor running, most of the eggs were long gone.  Resolved in following years to help her be prepared on “EGG day,” I bought some easter eggs and we practiced our egg hunting skills in the backyard.  I thought this was going to work to our advantage as she quickly picked up the art of quickly picking up the eggs.  But be careful about “over-practicing”… If you “over-practice” the egg hunting will lose its luster and on “EGG day,” your little cottontail might care less about easter eggs… as I learned with my daughter.

2.  Choose Your Basket Wisely:  Your Easter Egg Basket can “make or break” your egg hunting eggs-perience.  Remember, kids are running, bending, jumping and spinning around quickly.  A wide open wicker basket can result in eggs continually falling out.  Some kids may even instinctively just begin taking eggs out of your child’s basket.  I recommend a basket that has a deeper bottom, that is flexible and the child can both hold by hand or sling over the shoulder.  Remember this simple egg hunting principal- It is not how many eggs you put in your basket that counts, it is how many you keep in your basket.

3.  Have Fun and Enjoy the Eggs-perience:  Hopefully, you can tell this blog is all written in a spirit of fun and humor.  Easter egg hunts are supposed to be fun, family events that provide warm memories.  Your child’s happiness does not depend on how many eggs he or she has, but whether or not they felt loved and you shared their enthusiasm in the process.  Smile big, give lots of hugs and high fives, and let them have a few pieces of candy right away.  I also encourage parents that have different age siblings to encourage their older children in advance to be prepared to share a few of their eggs with the younger siblings if they get overwhelmed by the experience and do not collect as many eggs.

If you are looking for a great, free Easter Egg Hunt experience, I encourage you to join us for our FREE COMMUNITY EASTER EGG HUNT on Saturday, April 12th at 3pm. We will have 8,000+ eggs, tons of prizes and a FREE cookout for the entire family! The event will take place at Jubilee REACH which located at- 14200 SE 13th PL, Bellevue, Washington 98007.  To Find out more, please visit- www.lovebellevue.com

Easter Egg Hunt, Bellevue, Jubilee REACH, SAMBICA,

Free Community Easter Egg Hunt April 12th


    This event is sponsored by: Essential Church, The Well Community Church, www.lovebellevue.com, Jubilee REACH, SAMBICA: Camp and Retreat Center

Summer LINK Seattle

This summer we will host 10 college and grad students who will be serving with Essential Church as a part of our Summer LINK program.  Summer LINK is an extension of Generation LINK, which is our intern-discipleship development program.  I would like to invite you to prayerfully consider if you or someone within your family, church or ministry may be a potential applicant for Summer LINK 2014 in Seattle.  I have included two videos and a written testimony for you to read and watch that highlights what SUMMER LINK is all about! If you have any questions, please contact Warren@essentialchurch.cc orbbass@generation-link.org.


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Summer LINK

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Blair’s Story

Blair Cowden* Blair Cowden served with Summer LINK Seattle in 2013 after first visiting with her student ministry as a graduating Senior.  Blair is pictured in the bottom left.Signing up for the Seattle High School Mission Trip was the best thing I ever did. God used that one week to transform my life. Going into the trip, I was excited yet apathetic. I was excited because I was going to see my childhood best friend for the first time in five years. Unfortunately, I was apathetic going in because I didn’t see how this trip was going to be much of a mission trip. Compared to mission trips I had been on before, we weren’t doing a VBS or a lot of physical labor. Our schedule was going to be flexible with a lot of advertising and performing small jobs here and there.
My attitude frustrated me. From the moment I signed up and began feeling this mix of emotions, I was in constant prayer asking the Lord to use this week to do immeasurably more in my life. I prayed to be a strong leader, for the Holy Spirit to humble me, and that the Holy Spirit would move in the people’s hearts. Those prayers slowly began to transform my heart. The more I gave up my selfish worries, the more the Lord filled me with peace and a desire to do His will no matter the circumstances. He began revealing himself to me in surprising ways. In the weeks leading up to the mission trip, I grew closer to the Lord and all of my concerns fell away as I focused on Him alone.
Our first night in Seattle, Pastor Warren (pastor of Essential church – the church plant we were helping) was telling us about how he ended up in Seattle and some background of Seattle’s religious history (almost nonexistent). Then he mentioned an internship that was open over the summer if anyone was interested. Immediately I felt a pull on my heart. Less than 24 hours in Seattle and I felt God calling me to come back and spend the summer helping Essential Church. At first I was unsure if this was just me being in mission mode and wanting to serve or if this was truly God opening a door for me. As the week progressed, my heart broke for the cities of Seattle and Bellevue. These people were without the knowledge of God, let alone even understanding the extent of His love for His children.
I was most impacted by the day we helped the afterschool program “Youth for Christ.” For me, after that day I knew that I had to come back to Seattle. I fell in love with the kids that I worked with and I was touched when Amy, the young woman who has dedicated her life to this program, told us how hard it is to run the program. The workers are limited and the kids can be rowdy and overpowering. But we saw the Lord working through Amy when we got the chance to witness two or three come to salvation that day. Saying goodbye to those kids, I knew I was going to come back to Seattle. I didn’t know how I was going to raise the money, I didn’t know how my parents would react when I asked them, and I didn’t know if the timing of the internship would even work with some of the other commitments I had.
But when the Lord lays something on your heart and you are faithful in the response, then He opens up the necessary doors and does immeasurably more in your heart.