Essential Church is a new church in Bellevue with a vision to Magnify Christ and Multiply His Kingdom in all we do.  We are a church that believes in and teaches the Bible.  We serve our community in a variety of ways, including our LOVE Bellevue ministries.  We love all people & believe that Jesus can do great things in our lives, community, church & world when we live surrendered to Him & His Word.
Essential is a place for singles, couples and families of every race and color.  We care for one another and we want everyone to know the love of Jesus.  We are a church that is committed to church planting and disciple-making.  Although we are still a small, young church, we have planted a Chinese church in Bellevue and a new church work in Issaquah. 
If you are looking for a local church family that is striving to “be the church,” we invite you to visit us at Essential.
ESSENTIAL WORSHIP SERVICE:  Sundays @ 10:45am at “The Club” (15228 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue.)

What we need now is… HOPE

A new Christmas series at Essential Church.  Join us this Sunday!
GIVING at Essential
We believe that growing in your faithfulness and generosity in Kingdom giving is an important way that every believer can “Magnify Christ and Multiply His Kingdom.”  At Essential Church, 16% of everything we receive goes directly toward Kingdom missions and ministry.   In addition, Essential has a radical approach to generosity called “Above and Beyond giving.”     Every year, we set a monthly “Above and Beyond giving” goal and any time we exceed that monthly goal, 100% of everything we receive goes directly to our Above & Beyond giving partnerships:
  • Jubilee REACH
  • Youth For Christ
  • Church Planting
  • LOVE Bellevue
You can feel confident in knowing that in giving to Essential, you are helping impact thousands of lives for the Kingdom all around the world!
There are a 3 Simple ways to Give to Essential right now:
1.  In Person:  On Sunday mornings via check or cash.
2.  By mail:  Please mail checks to our financial secretary’s office:
C/O Essential Church
14150 NE 20th St  F1-212
Bellevue, WA 98007

3.  Online:  Try our NEW online Giving! 

Give Online


Please join us for our 10:45am service!
15228 Lake Hills Blvd
Bellevue, WA 98006
Telephone: 1.425.270.7022

Essential Blog

@thescripturefeed is an Instagram devotional blog.  Click on the image to read the devotional thought.  Think of this as a mix between a devotional, a social media post and a blog! Follow @thescripturefeed on Instagram!
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Preparing Your Children For The Long Term

We live in a family oriented city.  People love their kids and would do anything for them.  As parents, we wake up early to prepare them for school, make a sack lunch, get projects ready, hair done and shoes tied.  We put them in sports, art, music and scholastic classes, activities and camps to prepare them for future success.  We begin saving for their college fund.  Yet, how are we preparing them as people?  How do we prepare them to become people of wisdom, character and integrity?  H …


Empty Extravagance

If there is anything you can learn from watching a rerun of “Behind the Music” on VH1 is that you can have success, family, education, material wealth, influence, prestige and power, yet be completely unfulfilled.  Big house, fancy car, luxurious boat, brand name clothes can all leave you feeling empty.  The names and faces change, but the story is the same- Having it all isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  This is the revelation of a principle I call “empty extravagance.”

In the book, “Where …


Planting in an Urban Center

Planting in an urban center is not easy.  It presents a unique set of challenges to the church planter.  The burden and the call are what keep the church planter going when things get tough.  This blog is not written by one who has conquered the city, but by one who is fighting for the city every day.  Yet, in our time in Bellevue, God has taught us a few things about planting in an urban center that I believe will be helpful and effective for others in the future.  Using the teachings and …


Please throw away the preacher joke book! 3 Keys to Humorous Speaking

by Warren Mainard

Every pastor over the age of 40 most likely owns some kind of “pastor joke book” which is full of corny one liners, knock knock jokes and silly anecdotes that were real “knee slappers” when they were written 70 years ago.  There was a day, many moons ago, when that kind of humor had a place in the typical sermon.  Brothers, that day has long since passed.  We must find ways to make humor a more natural part of our sermons and messages.
Humor is important in preaching.  It …


Love Bellevue


LOVE Bellevue is a ministry of Essential Church

We LOVE Bellevue! 
Throughout the year, we offer events and serve the community in a variety of ways, from Free Block Parties, Car Washes, our Sports Camps, Easter Egg Hunt, and more! We also serve food to the Teenagers at “the Club,” teachers and faculty at Lake Hills Elementary and do a lot of work with our community partners- Jubilee REACH, SAMBICA, and YFC. 
Are you interested in serving as a VOLUNTEER? Click Here
LOVE Bellevue is the local service emphasis of Essential Church. It is our desire to LOVE our city in real and practical ways! Love is… ESSENTIAL!