MEN: 3 Levels of Spiritual Leadership (Family/Church Track)

No matter whether we are single, married or parents, we can grow as leaders.  Similarly, within the church, it doesn’t matter whether we are in an official position of leadership; we can still develop our leadership.  Here are three levels of Spiritual leadership that every leader will need to progress through. 

3 Levels of Spiritual Leadership

Family Track

Church Track

Level 1:  Self
Level 1:  Self
Level 2:  Marriage
Level 2:  Peers
Level 3:  Children
Level 3:  Ministry

Level 1:Self- The hardest person you will ever learn to lead is yourself.  Before you can ever expect to lead at your church or in your family, you must first learn to lead yourself spiritually.  This begins by incorporating personal Spiritual Practices into your daily routine such as prayer and Bible study, learning to manage your time and money in a way that honors the Lord and becoming a responsible man of integrity. Examples:  Waking up early for time with the Lord, planning your calendar around your priorities, committing to tithe and live generously.  Serving in a church setting with consistency and commitment.

Level 2: Marriage/Peers- Whether you are leading your wife or your peers spiritually, it is important to recognize your role as a peer leader. At this stage, focus on becoming a Spiritual Thermostat (one who sets the spiritual temperature) as opposed to a Spiritual Thermometer (one who reveals the temperature).  A spiritual leader will focus on charting the course for his family spiritually; thinking through the destination, the obstacles and the opportunities that lie ahead for your family or friends spiritually.  Examples:  Praying together through Scripture, making decisions related to the spiritual direction of the home, choosing to make your commitment to the local church a priority in your marriage or circle of friends.
Level 3: Children/Ministry- Whether as a parent or a spiritual leader, you are now responsible for a group of people spiritually.  They will look to you as an example and as a leader.  In this phase, focus on instituting a culture of practicing corporate Spiritual Practices.  As your children grow, your focus will transition from creating boundaries and explaining principles to spiritually training, equipping and empowering.  Every step of the way, you will be responsible for determining when and how course-correction is necessary.  Parenting and leading your children will change at every age of your children’s lives; be ready to adjust. Examples:  Attending church together, praying as family together, providing spiritual teaching and nourishment to your children, processing cultural changes in light of scripture.  Making adjustments to time, schedule and budgeting to reflect spiritual values and priorities.
Spiritual Leadership is an ongoing process.  Do not go it alone.  Reach out to some other men who are seeking after the Lord as well.  The support, encouragement and wisdom will go a long way in your spiritual leadership development.