Welcome to Essential: A new church in Bellevue, WA

Essential is a new church in Bellevue, WA committed to serving families, young people and our community.  Essential meets in the Lake Hills Boys and Girls Club Teen Center on Sunday mornings at 10:45am.  Our meeting address is- 15228 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue, WA 98007.  For more information- Call Essential Church- 425-270-7022 or info@essentialchurch.cc

Love is… ESSENTIAL at Essential Church! 


Love Bellevue

Reflections on LOVE Bellevue- Week One

As I take a moment to exhale after an active first week of LOVE Bellevue, I wanted to share a few reflections, experience, encounters, prayers and hopes as we now look ahead to what I believe will be the most intense week of ministry of 2015 for Essential Church.      SPIRITUAL WARFARE:  Sunday, July […]

3circles color

3 Circles Every Christian Should Live In

3 Circles Every Christian Should Live In- by Warren Mainard      If you are a Christian, you will find yourself in a variety of relational circles on a weekly basis.  Some are inescapable, and some you will enter into voluntarily, but all are a part of God’s plan for discipling and deploying you for your kingdom mission.  You will […]

Punch in the Face

Love Punched

Love Punched:    Most mornings, I come downstairs from my office to do a brief devotional with each of my children before they head off toward their busses for school.  Each morning, we open the Bible and the kids read the Scriptures for the day, then I read the devotional while they eat their breakfast. […]



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